Bringing notary ledgers to the blockchain

Blockchain-based notary ledger entries

Digital Evidence of Notary Signings

Using the Klever blockchain to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of notary ledgers. While giving more access and value to your clients

The K5 Wallet

K5 is your secure and efficient gateway to the decentralized universe. With a broad array of services—from digital asset swaps to staking, DApp access and now Notary services  




As with all transaction types, fuel is needed to power your transaction.  KLV is the native coin that runs the Klever Blockchain.  With each transaction or notary published to the Klever blockchain a small amount of KLV is burned 

Passive Income

The NTRY token was designed to help Notaries build a passive income each time they perform a notary using the Knotary ledger or refer a fellow notary to create an account. Each event earns one NTRY and holding NTRY in your K5 wallet entitles you a percentage of all revenues from Knotary.

NTRY Token

The Knotary token (NTRY) is what drives the value for all notaries that record signings in the Knotary ledger on the Klever Blockchain. The only way to obtain NTRY is by creating an account or recording an event in the Knotary ledger through the K5 mobile wallet

How Does Knotary Work?

Knotary is a simple to use digital second ledger

  • After recording notary signings in your standard ledger simply login and record them in your digital ledger as well creating an immutable secure back up entry
  • Access to the entry is available both to you and your client.
  • Public information is stored on chain, private information is stored in IPFS

Pricing Options Table

$ 9.90/mo
20 Knotary Ledgers a Month
$ 19.90/mo
60 Knotary Ledgers a Month
$ 39.90/mo
150 Knotary Ledgers a Month

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