Build a Passive Income with Each Signing

Blockchain has made distributing large amounts of money to large amounts of people easy.

Where do shared revenues come from?

Knotary currently has two income streams.  The first is the knotary Klever node which earns 24/7 .  The seconds is monthly subscriptions from our users.

How do i earn shared revenues?

Just hold NTRY token in your K5 Wallet

How do I earn NTRY token

You get 1 when you sign up and 1 for every referral and 1 for every signing you record in your Knotary ledger

How is the money paid?

Each month a portion of Knotary revenues will be turned into KLV and airdropped to your wallet automatically.  

How much will i receive?

Knotary users will be paid according to how many NTRY they hold.  Someone with 1000 NTRY will earn less than someone with 200 NTRY

How does my KLV become $$ in my bank?

Easy the K5 wallet swap function and the exit ramp of your choice including CashApp (the best way) PayPal, Coinbase  and more